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There’s no denying the fact that money plays a HUGE role in the business of music…otherwise, it would just be music. And everyone would be happily playing on street corners for nothing. However, we all know that’s not reality, and the truth is money touches everything in this business. Publishing, record sales, album graphics, usage rights, tours, management commissions, merchandise sales, contracts, and production are just a few of the many things requiring a designated dollar sign. And at the end of the day, somebody has to keep track of every last dime.

Here at Martin Allbee & Associates, we know that creative artists, producers and writers don’t necessarily have the time or desire to worry about when the electric bill is due. They aren’t always home to accept a royalty statement in the mail and have it quickly deposited into their account. They don’t want to handle the phone calls required for billing disputes and unanswered invoices. With us, you can consider it handled.

So what exactly do we do, you may ask?

Well, we are here to assist in decisions regarding business expenses, payroll, and financial investments. We have strong relationships with specialized entertainment divisions of nationwide banking establishments and work with them to secure the best rates and packages that work for our clients in both their business and personal accounts. We’ll help find the most appropriate credit cards, insurance programs and retirement plans that work for each individual client or business.

And now, on this new blogosphere journey, we meet you with several goals.

One: We would like to keep you informed – we may have some exciting client news to share, or a major development on Music Row that requires attention. We’ll also share some base knowledge of some of the financial aspects of this industry that could be better understood – with as fast as this business ebbs and flows, it’s hard to keep up. But we’re constantly learning, and knowledge is wealth. No puns intended.

Two: We’d just like to introduce ourselves and get to know you/let you know us. Whether you’re curious about the world of business management and working in the midst of Music City, or just a nerd about the music business in general, we’re here for you.

And Three: We simply hope to provide a little entertainment. I’ll be making some Friday playlists featuring our clients’ material, trying to post pictures of relevant events going on around Nashville, and keeping y’all posted on what we do as an office around town.

So Stay Tuned. And Stay Sound.

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