Account Receivable, Accounts Payable

We handle all receivables and payables for your business. Accounts Receivable includes invoicing, tracking, depositing and recording income. Accounts Payable includes receiving bills, accurate recording of expenses and payment in a timely manner.

Artist Representation

As a client of MA&A your name and business are represented with integrity. We negotiate and review contracts of all kinds: publishing, recording, booking, promoters, subcontractors, etc. We have been in operation for 30 years and developed a name that people have come to know and trust.

Banking & Financing

Working in our industry since 1981, we have developed relationships with banks that help support our clients with all of their banking needs. We assist with all banking needs from making deposits, transfers and wires to opening accounts, obtaining loans and investing.

Business Planning

It is important to set business goals, and we are here to help develop a plan for reaching those goals. We will help with decision-making, declaring vision and strategies to build and maintain a successful business.

Domestic & Foreign Touring

There are many aspects to touring and we help in all financial areas. We create budgets for tours, projecting costs such as wages, per diems, accomodation, transport, sound, lighting, video equipment, rehearsals and commissions. We do projections for the coming tour, month or year to make sure our client’s finances are on track.

Estate Planning

We provide consultation on wills, trusts and powers of attorney. We assist in identifying and meeting with an estate attorney.

Financial Reports

We send out financial reports each month for you to review in an effort to help keep you informed of your business activity. Because every expense and income is tracked and entered accordingly, the reports not only allow you to see the overall picture of your finances, but also help with budgeting and future planning.

Payroll Services

We handle all processing of payroll for your business. This includes issuing paychecks, disbursement of paychecks, payroll tax deposits and federal/state quarterly and annual payroll tax return filings. We issue all 1099 and w-2 forms annually and file relative forms 1096 and w-3. By not outsourcing payroll we are able to closely monitor records and save your business money.

Risk Management & Insurance

We work to protect and maintain the financial integrity of all business-owned assets. We quote and secure insurance for all of your business needs including general liability, worker’s compensation, business property, business auto and umbrella policies.

Royalty Verification

We receive and record all royalty income. When royalties are received we pay out any mechanical royalties due from an album released on your own record label.


We manage all of our client’s tax matters including personal filings, corporate filings, sales tax reporting and non-resident withholding taxes for other states and foreign.